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  • Mar 07, 2020

    Why the Left Hand? A Watch Wearing History
    Why the Left Hand? A Watch Wearing History

    Wearing a watch on our left hand became almost a reflex action, but have you ever wondered why? Normally, these thoughts don’t cross one’s mind. We are used to wearing wrist watches on the left hand, and that’s it.   If you observe carefully, you will notice that this rule has exceptions. Although most people wear watches on their left wrist, some wear it on the right. You might have also heard that men should wear their watches on the left hand while women should wear them on the right.   There is a logical and practical explanation for this, but the fact that most people wear watches on their left hands also has a historical background.   Historically, men used pocket watches up until early years of 20th century, while only women used wristwatches. Pocket watches became popular during wars, because they were useful for coordinating military activities. However, these watches were large for today’s standards and were carried by officers in custom leather pouches that were strapped on their wrists. This was a necessity because watches had huge balancing wheels and were very fragile and could break easily.   In order to protect their chronometers from damage, it was best to keep them on the wearer’s less dominant hand. Since the majority of people are right handed, in most cases watches were held in the left hand.   The logic is that majority of people in the world are right handed. So, when wristwatches became increasingly popular, users found it more convenient to wear their watches on the left wrist.   There is a simple reason behind this. You will use your dominant hand more often, and while working you can easily keep a check on the watch to your left. Also, wearing it on non-dominant hand makes it less susceptible to damaging, breaking, or simple wear-and-tear over time.   The same principal applies for smart watches and wooden watches, and additionally it may be hard to operate the watch using your non-dominant hand. Some smart watch manufacturers even suggest you should wear the watch on your left hand, because of its design but also to enable its functions to work properly. Example for this is heart rate reading function that will only give accurate measurements if you wear the watch on your left hand.   Wooden watches can be worn on either hand due to the softness of the material and natural absorption of skin oil. Also, they tend to be lighter in weight so less of a distraction and nuisance. Wood watches also don’t scratch surfaces when working on a computer or cleaning around the house. Therefore, either hand is fine offering more wearing flexibility.   Lastly, do women have to wear their watches on the right and men on the left hand?   This claim has no scientific backing. In some occasions, women use watches more like a fashion accessory then a necessity, so this may be the reason they wear it on the right hand - to attract more attention to their style depending on the clothing....

  • Feb 26, 2020

    Tips for Buying the Hottest New Trend- Wooden Watches
    Tips for Buying the Hottest New Trend- Wooden Watches

    As Luxury leisure natural wood wristwatch have become the hottest trend in wrist watches, there are a lot of options for a wooden watch. The release of wooden watches has added a new material for watch bands, as for the longest time there was only leather, metal or gross rubber watch bands.   When Wholesale Automatic multifunctional wood men watches were released, they looked like huge prehistoric watches. However, within a short time frame both modern and beautifully designed wooden watches hit the market. This new design of wooden watches pushed them into the spotlight of the fashion and watch world, and they are still super popular. If you want to buy a wooden watch, here are some tips to get you started.   Pick the Wooden Watch That Suits Your Taste   Like other watches, wooden watches come in a huge range of styles and colors. With such a large variety of designs, you need to have an idea of what you are looking for. If you already wear a watch, what does it look like, and why do you like the design. Apply those answers to a wooden watch. Take the time to look at the different designs and types of wooden watches before you pick the right one for you.   Look At the Wood Used to Make the Watch   Since every tree is different and there are many varieties of trees, no two wooden watches have the same pattern. Zebra wood watches have very unique striped patterns compared to other wooden watches. A Zebra wood watch has stripes from the wood that are stained to be different colors. Most other the patterns that are in Zebra wood watches have lighter and darker shades. The stripes also vary in size and design, so the pattern maybe different than shop photos.   Check the Warranty   When you are buying any watch, you should check that you are getting a watch that has a good warranty. Buying from a secondary seller can mean that you may not be able to have your watch serviced by the makers of the watch. You should also check the amount of time that the warranty is good for. The warranty on a Dreamy wood watch is a year if you buy the watch from an authorized seller of their wooden watches like WoodWatches. Also, make sure that you understand the conditions of the warranty before you buy your watch, as each company has their own conditions.   Wooden watches have taken off in the watch world in just a few short years. Many of the designs are mature and beautiful. Each wooden watch is different, as nature creates patterns in the wood. Wilds wood watch has many designs of wooden watches, including Zebra wood watches.

  • Feb 20, 2020

    America Wood Watches are the Newest Trend
    America Wood Watches are the Newest Trend

    When watches entered the market place in the 18th century, they were seen as a status symbol. Over the years, watches became a part of everyday life and are one of the essential accessories that everyone needs. There are some watches that are still seen as status symbols.  However, most watches do not have this huge need to show a person’s status.   There are now thousands of designs made for watches. For most of today’s watches, the bands are metal, rubber, or leather. However, wood watches have become the biggest trend in watches in a long time. This is due to the America wood watches having designs that are mature, elegant, and beautiful for both men and women. Here are some of the other reasons that wood watches are a great trend.   New Life for Watches   With most people having mobile phones, the need to wear watches has been removed. Also, many watch designs started to feel out of touch with younger generations that create the fashion trends. While there were still watches on the market, it was not until the release of the wooden watch that watches became popular again. This is due to it being completely new, and the people who create trends loved the new take on watches.   Easy to Style   Wood watches took off so fast since they are able to go with different styles of clothing. In the past, both men and women owned a few different watches to match their clothing.  However, with fashion trends changing in a blink of an eye, buying watches and other accessories to match every outfit just stopped. A wooden watch is a style savvy piece since it goes with all styles and be worn at all types of events. It also acts as a stand out accessory, as wood watches are still new to the accessory world.   Wood watches and other wooden accessories have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. The uniqueness of each piece is what many people enjoy about the use of wood to create accessories. Along with each piece being unique, wood watches can be used in all types of weather. Unlike wooden accessories of the past, modern wood accessories are light weight. There is no worry about bugs being able to destroy them, as there are processing methods to keep the bugs away.   Wood watches come in a wide verity of designs, shades, and colors. The patterns that are in the wood will verity from wooden watch to wooden watch. There are also many types of wood that can be used to create wood watches. Many of the wood watches on the market are made from cast off wood that would have been disposed of, making them eco-friendly.

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