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Are the wooden watches waterproof

  • Dec 19, 2019

You decided to buy a wooden watch, one of the question in your mind is if the watch is waterproof. Now, we will answer this question. Resistance against depth is measured as bar which is also atmospheric pressure unit, this is called as ATM. Resistance of Svenn wooden watches is 3 ATM. Svenn wooden watches are splash proof, you may wash your hands with your watch, go out fishing and also you may walk at rainy weather.

When the words wooden watch and waterproofness come together, it is suspected that the nature of the wood may be a problem in contact with water. "I can walk with my wooden wristwatch in the rain" or "Do I even have to remove my wooden wristwatch while washing my hands?" But don't be afraid, if it were so, we could have gained a place in the market with our fashion watches which have been very popular and fashionable recently :) As Svenn Wood Watches, we take some precautions to ensure maximum contact with water during and after production separately on each part of our watches. You were right to fear that these measures were not taken.

Water Resistance Standards for a Watch

50 meters mark does not mean that you can use the watch diving to a depth 50 meters. The ATM standards refers to just static pressure on your watch. The watch which is suitable for swimming and diving is marked as 200M-1000M, it means that you can use the watch underwater.

Water resistance unit is named as ATM or Meters, this means that the watch has been tested under laboratory conditions and passed the tests for short period and only at the specific depth. During usage the actual water pressure is greater than the static pressure. So, buying a tested and approved waterproof wooden watch is important for sustainability and user satisfaction.

waterproof wooden watch

To improve water resistance feature of wood, tempering operations are applied to all of wooden parts during production process. Another protective action is Tung oil application as final production process to make the wood more resistant against water. These operations decreases humidity sensitivity on wood and these production methods have been applied on all Svenn woods. In this way, water splash on the watch does not create any problem.When the wooden watch is used considering these conditions, it will have a long-lasting structure.It should be noted that wood has a natural structure.

Thanks to waterproof wood watches for men and also for women when you wear a Svenn wood watch you may wash your hands confidently and without any concerns about water damage.

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