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Do you really know about watches?

Do you really know about watches?

  • November 21,2019.

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Watchcase chapter

The components closely connected with the case are: the mirror, the bottom cover, the crown, the button, etc. A kind of

1. Function of case

the case is like the body of the human body. In addition to directly caring for the internal parts of the watch, it largely determines the performance indexes of the watch, such as: water resistance, dust-proof performance, magnetic performance, seismic performance In addition, the case also determines the appearance of the watch body. A kind of

2. Classification of case

the case is divided according to the material. The more common cases are: stainless steel case, ceramic case, titanium alloy case, platinum case, rose gold case, platinum case, refined steel case, gold-plated case, gold case, tungsten steel case, aluminum case, copper case, zinc alloy case, plastic case, etc. the less common ones are wood case, iron case, fiber case, pure silver case Case, pure gold or K-gold case, etc. A kind of

3. Advantages and disadvantages of common case:

Tungsten steel case:   difficult to process, not easy to wear, and equipped with sapphire watch cover, Japanese movement, tungsten steel watch band. This watch is generally high-grade electronic watch

A kind of

4. circles

Structure: there are dead rings (false rings) and live rings (rings that can rotate in one direction, and rings that can rotate in two directions are very rare, because the movable ring structure is often used in diving watch, if the two directions can rotate, it is very dangerous for the diver, and the common movable rings are ratchet, sliding ball and other structures)

What is the function of the active outer circle dial? A kind of wooden sports watches are  generally  equipped with a reversible clock turn bezel. In addition to the modern concept of decoration and symbol of sports life, the convex particles and clear and readable numbers on the bezel enable the wearer to accurately adjust the diving and sports time, which is absolutely reliable.

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