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About Wood -- Bamboo

About Wood -- Bamboo

  • September 25,2019.

Bamboo, a subfamily of tall arboreal grasses of the family Poaceae, comprising more than 115 genera and 1,400 species. Bamboo is distributed in tropical and subtropical to temperate zones. In East and Southeast Asia and islands in the Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean, bamboo has the highest concentration and the most species.

Bamboo is usually a fast-growing perennial plant. Some species grow up to 30 centimeters (1 foot) a day. Woody annular stems are usually called stems, which are hollow between rings and branched into clusters from thick rhizomes (underground stems). Bamboo poles range in height from the smallest species to 10 to 15 centimeters (about 4 to 6 inches) to the largest species over 40 meters (about 130 feet). Most bamboos blossom and produce seeds only after 12 to 120 years of growth, and only once in a lifetime.

Bamboo has a higher specific compressive strength than wood, brick or concrete, and a specific tensile strength that rivals steel

Due to the rapid growth of bamboo, recently, due to environmental considerations, a large number of furniture and paper were made of bamboo. Bamboo can also make crafts, musical instruments, and so on.

The wooden bamboo watch has a lighter weight, but it has better water resistance and is more durable.

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