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Four reasons for choosing quartz watch

Four reasons for choosing quartz watch

  • October 21,2019.

The appearance of quartz wooden watch has broken the previous tranquility of watch market. Although it didn't appear for a long time, it has occupied a large part of watch market with absolute advantage. Compared with the sophisticated charm of automatic mechanical wood watches, quartz watch has also won a large number of fans due to its practical function, price advantage and fashionable appearance.

The price is relatively low. Although quartz watches are also extremely expensive, they are cheaper than mechanical watches. No matter what innovation and progress of science and technology is to solve the existing problems. In addition, the mechanical wood watches needs regular oil washing protection, and the cost of protection and maintenance is relatively large. This also shows that quartz watch has a high cost performance.

The maintenance is simple and convenient. But for quartz watch, its structure is simple, the advantages of convenient maintenance let a lot of favor. This greatly saves their time. The repair of quartz watch is nothing more than changing the dry battery regularly. As long as we choose a clock repair shop with good credit and a dry battery with good quality, the life span of quartz watch must be much longer than that of mechanical watch. Because quartz watch does not have the wear problem like mechanical watch, and the probability of using the watch handle is very small, it is basically unnecessary to think about the problem of machine wear, especially the transmission gear transmission system.

The potential of shape design is great. Without the limitations of mechanical movement, quartz movement can be made thinner or smaller, which gives the watch more space to play.

High accuracy and small error. Now the majority of mechanical watches are semi-automatic winding, which often faces a problem. Due to the lack of movement, the power storage of the watch is not enough, so it stops from time to time. Then there is the total error. Even if the daily error of the mechanical watch is within plus or minus 30 seconds, the total error will not come down, and the ordinary annual error of the quartz watch is about two minutes.

Sandal wood watch with quartz movement

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