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The Quartz Wood Watch Tips

The Quartz Wood Watch Tips

  • August 7,2019.

First, the general pointer class table spins the button and then pulls it to the outermost node to adjust the time. Pull the halfway node to adjust the date. If it is semi-automatic or manual, the table should be pulled out and pulled out. To the top position, manually tap the bar 15-20 times, fully automatic, shake the watch for a few minutes, so that the inner rudder automatically winds up, then align the time, and then use the calendar. Electronic wooden watch class is generally button adjustment 

Second, Quartz is an oxide composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2). Quartz vibrates in an oscillating circuit. Under certain conditions, it transmits its own frequency to the circuit. If this characteristic is applied to The quartz movement, through the quartz oscillator, can convert the electric energy into a mass production circuit board using mechanized equipment, and then complete the movement with the resistor and capacitor, and then install the case, glass and strap, one quartz wood watch is roughly assembled. 

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Third, the walnut wood plus stainless steel watch electronic watch relies on the electronic power supply in the watch, generally need to replace the small battery inside the watch after 2-4 years of exhaustion, the mechanical watch does not need a battery, generally it takes about 3 years to ask the watch master to do the movement inside. Regular oil maintenance to ensure that the internal parts can operate as normal at the factory. 

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