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|The Wooden Watch Trend: 5 Ways To Rock a Wooden Watch


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The Wooden Watch Trend: 5 Ways To Rock a Wooden Watch

  • Mar 28, 2020

The wooden watch trend is relatively new and really began taking off in late 2010. Men and women, alike, desired another way to express themselves through accessories, and the wooden watch provided the perfect opportunity to do just that. Young people love to buy a wooden watch, as they attract attention from others and prove to be a great conversation starter. Soon the wooden watch trend spread to all generations.

Versatility & Style

To tell you a fun piece of wingshow’s history, we had a customer in the very early days of our company’s inception. He told us a great story of how he used to wear a very expensive watch. The gentleman bought a Modply watch with the desire to have a timepiece for everyday wear and one which would be light, but also perform to high standards when put to the test of everyday use.

This customer is a successful entrepreneur and had worn a Rolex watch for over 20 years. It was a beautiful watch, but it was heavy and didn’t exactly fit this man’s style as he spent much of his time traveling for work. He truly put his  wooden watch to the test, wearing it almost daily while on the job. He took care of the watch and it surpassed all of his expectations. Since his first purchase, this man has bought quite a few of unique wooden watches and has even had some engraved as gifts for his sons-in-law.

The point of telling you this short story from our customer is to show how diverse the wooden watch trend is. From the office, to the road, a wingshow wood watch does it all. Its performance is unsurpassed and its beauty could only come from nature. Each time you buy a wooden watch from wingshow, you know you are getting a piece of art, a statement piece, and a conversation starter. From days at the office to nights out with friends- this timepiece will be a hit!

5 Ways to Rock a Wooden Watch

Now- the five ways to Rock a wingshow wooden watch:

1.The Office – You’re here nearly every day, whether your office is on the 10th floor downtown, a school, or even if you’re a world traveler, a wood and stainless steel watch will have people asking, “Is that real wood?” You can always reply with confidence, “YES!”

2.The Groomsman – If you’re like me you attend a lot of weddings. There’s a certain time in life when it seems like everyone you know is tying the knot. Grooms can go with the “normal” groomsmen gifts like flasks, tie clips, etc., but when a groomsman receives a wingshow wooden watch, he is awestruck. What a great gift, not to mention the style it will add to your wedding photos! The wingshow wooden watch is a trend that is timeless and allows you to customize each piece with your own personalized engraving.

3.The Anniversary – Did you know there’s a unique gift tradition for each wedding anniversary? Well, if you didn’t know this – google it, it’s a great way to come up with an anniversary gift idea for your spouse. Specifically, the first wedding anniversary and fifth are perfect chances to get the one you love a beautiful  wooden watch and join in the trend! The first wedding anniversary theme is a timepiece or paper, but who wants to get their loved one paper? Instead, buy them a piece of history- a watch made from nature! For the fifth anniversary, the theme is wood. You could get your life partner a cutting board OR you could could get them a handcrafted, handmade wooden watch. You choose!

4.The Ladies’ Accessory – Let’s be honest, I had to get advice from my wife for this tip. She loves her custom wood watch and wears it accompanied by various Alex & Ani bracelets. This provides the perfect compliment to a suit at the office, or jeans at the brewery. Not to mention, many people, including my wife, suffer from skin allergies to metals. wingshow’s wood watches contain very little metal (the clasp is stainless steel) and are perfect for individuals with allergies. My wife loves the fact that she doesn’t have to sacrifice her style!

5.The Holidays – Ugh, it’s that time again, you have no idea what to buy for your Uncle Andy. What do you get for the guy who has everything. Well, I highly doubt he has a wingshow wooden watch, and even if he does, I bet he would be stoked to get another one!

It’s Valentine’s Day, your sweetheart doesn’t ask you for anything, all they desire is your love. But how cool will it be when you buy them a natural wooden watch with a custom engraving on the back. You can be traditional or even have an inside joke engraved!

Perfecting the wholesale Wooden Watch Trend

With sustainability and down-to-earth, versatile style is setting the trends for accessories, it’s clear that wooden wristwatches are here to stay. Whether you’re looking for a great everyday watch to wear at the office or after hours, or you’re looking for the perfect gift, a wooden watch can’t be beat! To learn more about our wooden watches, get in touch with us at Director@wing-show.com

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